Rental Properties - Lead developer

Built for a non-profit organisation to make scouring the internet for rental properties for crisis accommodation more efficient. Uses two techniques to obtain data:

  • API (via oauth2 authentication).
  • Web scraping using Python Scrapy. Data hosted on Scrapy Cloud and accessed using Flask website.

Data is automatically downloadable into an Excel spreadsheet (in progress Dec 2019).

Arisa - Lead developer

A student lead generation website built on Flask and incorporating a Google Dialogflow chatbot. Responses are saved into a Mysql database where agencies can then view questions and responses via the backend. Users are also emailed a copy of recommended education institutes and courses. A web scraper using Python / Selenium has also been developed which crawls the CRICOS wesite. - Sole developer

This blog! Built on Flask and incorporates many features including:

  • Content management system - uploading and managing images, tags and content
  • Search - custom built site search using SQLalchemy
  • Integration with TinyMCE editor, Sendgrid, Google analytics, Recaptcha
  • MySQL backend
  • Auto-generated sitemap.xml
  • Hand coded and designed using CSS3