Flask CMS

Flask CMS

All development

Flask CMS is a content management system similar to Wordpress, which allows you to manage web page content including blogs. It is simple to use yet feature-packed. It can be customised by a web developer to fit any web site.

Technologies used include: Flask, MySQL, Bulma CSS, TinyMCE editor, Sendgrid and VueJS

Umiya Matrimony - Developer with partner

A website and mobile app (Android) built using Quasar (based on Vue) with Flask backend. This is a community service website. You can also check out the mobile app on Google Play

Weather app with Population - All development

A fun project to explore the current weather of the 200 most populous cities in the world. This project was developed in Vue and uses Axios to make API calls to the Open Weather API for real-time weather. There was also some initial data cleansing and preparation using Python and Excel and Google maps to display the latitude and longitude of the city. *Note you will need to use HTTP not HTTPS because the free Open Weather API that this program uses only supports HTTP.

Whack that Mole!

Whack that Mole! - All development

A game I created in VueJS to learn Vue. This was created as a single page application using Flask to serve it. It also uses the Buefy CSS framework.

Property Extractor

Property Extractor - Lead developer with Code.Sydney

Utilises the API to search for rental properties in Australia in real-time and to have the results available as a downloadable Excel (csv) file. This website was built for a non-profit org. Users previously spent alot of time copy and pasting search results. This solution provides all search result information in Excel that they can download. The website was built using Python/Flask.

Arisa - Lead developer with Code.Sydney

A student lead generation website built on Flask and incorporating a Google Dialogflow chatbot. Responses are saved into a Mysql database where agencies can then view questions and responses via the backend. Users are also emailed a copy of recommended education institutes and courses. A web scraper using Python / Selenium has also been developed which crawls the CRICOS wesite. - All development

This blog! Built on Flask and incorporates many features including:

  • Content management system - uploading and managing images, tags and content
  • Search - custom built site search using SQLalchemy
  • Integration with TinyMCE editor, Sendgrid, Google analytics, Recaptcha
  • MySQL backend
  • Auto-generated sitemap.xml
  • Hand coded and designed using CSS3