CSS Redesign

Posted on by Kevin Foong

I have just completely re-designed the front-end of this website using HTML, CSS and some smattering of vanilla Javascript (no more JQuery!). As you recall the previous design used Bootstrap CSS. I found that, even though redoing the whole design was time consuming, it wasn't actually all that difficult. Modern day HTML and CSS certainly gives you a lot out of the box and one must question how much you really need frameworks like Bootstrap now.

Furthermore browser support for newer CSS techniques like CSS Grid is almost universal now, bar Internet Explorer (with IE you will have to use Microsoft's equivalent -ms- styles). Talking about Internet Explorer I myself am still using IE11 at work. It is interesting to know that Microsoft themeselves are actually discouraging users from using IE. This blog post "The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser" is quite an interesting read.

Tags: CSS, frontend


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